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Community Education Programme
P. J. O'Grady, principal of St. Patrick's School in Belfast with Bertie Ahern, former Irish premier, presenting David Scott with the school's first ever reconciliation award.

The Community Education Programme commenced in April 2004 with the appointment of David Scott as the Institutions first full time Community Education Programme. Up until then, educational outreach was undertaken by a band of volunteers.

Since then the programme is and continues to be a resounding success, experiencing positive feedback, as the Institution attempts to outreach and engage with a range of organisations and communities throughout Northern Ireland, including school groups from Controlled/Maintained School sectors to ethnic minority groups.

Often referred to as a myth busting exercise, the main aim of the education programme is to demystify the communities perception of the Orange Order and to help them understand the main reason why the organisation exists and the role Orangeism plays in a modern society.

The education programme welcomes the opportunity for individuals and organisations to experience a visit to the Institutions Headquarters at Schomberg House in Belfast, where you can access many historical books and documents as well as view priceless artefacts from the Boyne period through to more recent periods of Northern Ireland history.

Positive engagement is key to the future of good and better relations in Northern Ireland. As the Orange Order is the largest Protestant community group in Northern Ireland, it is therefore important that the organisation outreaches to as many groups as possible to help bring about a better level of understanding of our cherished cultural heritage and traditions.

To assist us with this aim, we have a range of leaflets for all visitors to benefit from, especially the education sector, always ensuring that each new piece of information distributed bears relevance to the Key Stages of the National Curriculum.